Frequenty Asked Questions

  • How do you approach your role as a Writing Coach?

    My primary goal is to aid in the development of a happy and confident writer. As parents and educators, we tend to treat writing as if it's an academic subject to be tackled, but it's foremost an art form and one of the most important ways we express ourselves creatively. My approach to coaching children in writing is done with this thought in mind. 

    I firmly believe the mechanics of writing should be developed separately from a child's original writing. Helping kids find their voice can't be accomplished if we bog them down with rules and create fear. Kids need permission to make mistakes, which is why I do not review work for spelling, grammar or any other type of mistakes or issues. We share our work verbally with each other, focusing on our strengths rather than weaknesses. 

    Writing can feel hard for kids, but it doesn't have to be that way! I explore writing by going OUTSIDE the lines and encourage children to consider what constitutes writing in new and fun ways.

  • How old does my child need to be to attend Writer's Club or other workshops?

    Writer's Club is open to any child interested, regardless of age! I keep this multi-aged and always endeavor to meet kids where they are in their writing life! Children attending Writer's Club are usually anywhere from upper elementary through high school.

    If a workshop or class series has an age limitation placed on it, you will find that information posted on its listing on the Class Calendar. Generally, I try to accommodate a wide range of ages whenever possible.

  • How do I know if my child is a good fit for a class?

    Talk to me about it! You can reach me via email at [email protected]. I’d love to discuss any concerns you may have about your child attending. In my experience, my classes work for MOST kids. Kids are capable of so much more than we sometimes give them credit.

  • How do you sign up for a class?

    Find the class you want your child to attend on our Class Calendar! Each class event listing will include a sign-up link that will take you to a form to fill out. Just complete this form and send the required class fee to [email protected] via PayPal and you’re all set!

  • How often do you hold classes & workshops?

    Writer's Clubs are held monthly on the 3rd Friday of each month unless otherwise noted. Additional class options will pop up sporadically based on my availability, which ranges from month-to-month. 

    Keep an eye on our Class Calendar & be sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram to keep up with new and upcoming class options!

  • Do classes ever get canceled? How will we be notified?

    It is rare for a class to be canceled, but a minimum of 4 students must be registered for most classes to hold. Students should be registered for class no later than 2 days before a scheduled class. Notification of cancellation will be sent via email the day before a scheduled class if it doesn’t make.

  • What happens if I sign up and then have to cancel? How are refunds handled?

    Life happens! If you need to cancel for a class, your class fee can be refunded or applied as a credit for a future class. You choose. However, communication is essential. Please let me know your child won't be attending ahead of time, so the class isn't held back waiting on them to arrive.

  • Do you offer tutoring?

    I am available for tutoring in creative writing as my schedule allows. Contact me directly to discuss your student's needs.

The goal in writing is not perfection but courage.

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