I've been thinking about the astounding impact of COVID-19 on daily life, putting us mostly at home for... however many weeks. So I've decided to offer Zoom writing sessions a couple of times a week to break up the monotony! I'll post these dates a week at a time for as long as they may be needed, while we wait for this whole thing to unfold and resolve.

Each session, we will work on a writing prompt, share our work and ideas, and generally distract each other from the weirdness of the world right now. These sessions will be 45 minutes - an hour or so long. I want to keep the end time a bit flexible based on our needs each day.

I've only scheduled one for this week since we have Writer's Club on Friday. 🙂

Date: March 18th @ 11 am
Cost: $7

Register: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd5OHRs7R8WrQN-8F-EAFmJVWLckq6O7hfle5OOpkZsHl3Q2w/viewform

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