Join in for this monthly club to explore self-expression in written form!


The goal of this monthly meeting will be to nurture your writer's ability to tap into their writing voice and access the words within them.

Many writers use a color-coding technique during their revision and editing process to check their work for pacing issues, moments of character reflection, usage of literary devices and so much more. This month, we are going to spin this idea on its head and color-code the beginning of 2 different novels to show that stories are not just narrative (...this happened, then this happened, then this happened). We will compare the different writing styles of E.B. White & J.K. Rowling, and use what we've learned to apply a "color pattern" to our own writing.

Need to know:Class meets from 11-2. All students must bring lunch and snacks. Other materials may be requested, but emails will be sent out regarding those ahead of time.

A Registration Form must be completed for your child to attend:

Cost is $20 per student. Payment can be sent

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