**This session will be hosted online using Zoom.**

Join in for this monthly club to explore self-expression in written form!


The goal of Writer's Club is to nurture your writer's ability to tap into their writing voice. We will access the words within them and explore self-expression in written form, while giving students a safe space to share their writing with an audience!

Writer's Club is open to any child interested, regardless of age! I keep this multi-aged and always endeavor to meet kids where they are at in their writing life! Children attending Writer's Club are usually anywhere from age 8 up through high school.

Couplets are two lines of poetry whose last words in each line rhyme. Rhyming couplets have a long and rich history throughout poetry. Join us for this Writer's Club, where we will explore the poetic use of the couplet in various works and write our own poems using the rhyming couplet!

Need to know: Class meets from 11-2. All students must bring lunch and snacks. Other materials may be requested, but emails will be sent out regarding those ahead of time.

A Registration Form must be completed for your child to attend:https://goo.gl/forms/4xfHKUH3oenzSZtu1

Cost: $20 for first student, $15 for siblings. Payment can be sent via PayPal to crystal.bowden@gmail.com.

Please Note: A minimum of 4 students must be registered for this class to hold. Notification of cancellation will be emailed out on April 15th if cancellation is necessary.

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