Music can be as much a primary source for studying history, as a photograph, newspaper article or diary entry! The simple, aspirational lyrics of We Shall Overcome have been sung by everyone from churchgoers to civil rights protesters to Southern labor activists to the United States president. The song is part of a long history of protest music that has helped to open eyes and awaken consciences since the earliest years of American life, and the tradition continues today.

In this 3-hour workshop, students will explore the influence music has on the way that we feel, analyze We Shall Overcome lyrically, consider how it impacted the Civil Rights Movement, and write their own protest music!

Location: My Home (Snellville)

Date: July 23rd

Time: 11-2

Cost: $20 per student. Payment can be sent via PayPal to

Need to know: All students must bring lunch and snacks. Other materials may be requested, but emails will be sent out regarding those ahead of time.

A Registration Form must be completed for your child to attend:



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