Why write poetry? What even IS poetry, and how do we create it? Samuel Taylor Coleridge once said, “Poetry is the best words in the best order.” In this class series, we will explore the fantabulous world of words, the ways we can play with them, and so much more! We might look at how words move and hone our skills for noticing details. We might learn fancy literary devices, like alliteration, simile, and personification. Poetic terms, like verse, stanza, line (huh? What’s that?!!), and we’ll learn how to use them. We may explore types of poetry like free verse, found poetry, ekphrasis, haiku, acrostic, and more, but, most importantly, we will Share, Enjoy, and Create together!

Please Note: Each week, students will have poetry reading and writing homework.

Prerequisite: Students must be comfortable with the process of writing for this class. Additionally, students will be asked to share their work each week with the group. They won't be required to share their original writing, but it is highly encouraged that they come to class with an open mind about it! However, students will need to be comfortable with discussing their homework readings each week and sharing their thoughts candidly with the group.

Meets from 10-10:55 am.

**This class is offered through the Atlanta Homeschool Cooperative in East Atlanta. You must register through their website. Learn more here.**

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