Have you ever seen a sculpture, painting or photograph breathtaking enough to make you feel something overwhelmingly strong? Let's turn those feelings into poetic inspiration! That's what ekphrastic poetry is all about! In this workshop, we will read and analyze several ekphrastic poems to familiarize ourselves with forms these types of poems can take, then students will select a compelling artwork to inspire their own free verse ekphrastic poem. Language meets art! <3

Need to know: All students must bring lunch and snacks. Other materials may be requested, but emails will be sent out regarding those ahead of time.

Date:April 12th

Time: 11-1

Cost: $20 per student sent via Paypal to crystal.bowden@gmail.com

A Registration Form must be completed for your child to attend: https://goo.gl/forms/iPgLzMkA7ioiKItJ3

Please Note:A minimum of 4 students must be registered for this class to hold. Notification of cancellation will be emailed out on April 17th if cancellation is necessary.

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