Music has always been a window into society, culture, and history. Hip-hop, folk, classical, and even opera music draw on current events and politics for source material. Join us for this 3-hour workshop where students will make connections between the music they listen to and current events. First, we will consider Childish Gamino's This is America music video and the messaging & references interwoven lyrically and visually. Afterward, students will select their own song that draws on current events to dissect and write about.

Parental Advisory: "This is America" is a song about race & violence. Parents may want to pre-watch the music video before signing their child up for this class. Overall, this class will involve many mature themes, so parents should take this into consideration when signing up. I will provide students with a list of possible songs that include ties to current events; however, I will not be policing the content of those songs. This class is probably best suited for teens, but I won't put a strict age restriction on it. I'll leave this up to the discretion of parents.

Date: May 22nd
Time: 11-2 eastern
Cost: $25

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