The Clothed Mole Rat

A Student-Led Magazine

The Clothed Mole Rat Magazine is a student-created magazine I facilitate three times a year! This creative endeavor has been developed by kids FOR everyone! Created as an effort in teamwork and collaboration, our contributors work together to make decisions, create content, and put together a fantastic magazine for our community to enjoy!

Our Mission is to create a magazine that people from all walks of life will love! We are creating short stories, comics, poetry, reviews, recipes, articles on a variety of topics, photography, and other artworks.

Our first issue of The Clothed Mole Rat Magazine officially launched in December 2019, and our second issue for Spring 2020 is now available. Go read them both!

Enjoy pages of short stories, poetry, artworks, photography, & more! Share it will your children, friends, and family. We'd love to hear your thoughts too! Please leave your feedback HERE. Thanks!

Our next issue will be published in late July 2020!

We are currently in production for our third issue! If you're interested in your child joining The Clothed Mole Rat as a Contributor, please sign-up for our newsletter. All openings will be posted there as they become available. 

“Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible.”

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