Tiger, Cheetah, Volcano (a poem by Addison)

My eyes stare at the painting, I can't take my eyes off of it

It runs as fast as a cheetah

"pound, pound, pound" goes it

I hear the tiger roaring

as loud as a volcano

blue, pink, orange, the colors of

a tropical smoothie. It makes

me feel happy and glad

The tiger rubs his face against

me, I smile

blue, pink, orange, the colors I love.

- Addison Bowden

Author Bio: Addison Bowden is 9 years old. She loves the colors light pink, bright orange, and bright yellow. She likes to write scary, happy, and sad stories. She has shoulder-length hair and she likes to read Whatever After books.


This piece was created during our Poetic Symmetry Art Workshop. It's an ekphrastic poem inspired by student-created symmetrical art. 

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