Music-Inspired Writing

Music-Inspired Writing Class in Atlanta Georgia

Last week's Writer's Club had us exploring our relationship with music, and utilizing the feelings it inspires to fuel our writing! Students listened to Once Upon a Time in the West by Ennio Morricone to build a landscape/setting, then built out a short story to go with it. It provoked stories of Christmas time, freedom, war, goodbyes and survivalism.

Student Highlight

Author Bio: My name is Haden Bowden. I'm 12 years old. I love to write and create digital art.

The Invasion

The bread was roasting over the fire. It was the middle of December, winter, it was cold.


The alert horn!

Packing, running, screaming and gunfire. Swords clinking off shields and houses. People being slaughtered left and right. Running through the woods swimming through lakes to reach new lands.

Townspeople sick and wounded. Putting cloth over wounds, they find a town in the distance. Smoke coming out of a chimney about a mile away.

Bringing It Home: This is a great activity that can be used again and again to spark creative writing. Instrumental music from films will work great here!

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