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Did you know that I run a FREE community blogging space for kids??! This is a safe space for kids to explore words and writing in a community blogging effort! My hope is for children to have tons of fun, while finding the hidden storyteller within them. <3

Anyone that would like to participate in a community blogging effort can follow the steps below to get started! 

1. Follow this Link:

2. Hit “Join”

3. Enter this code to create a student account: efjvuxx

4. Create a student account and log in. Parents that would like to create a Guest account can use this code: ixtcjdj. Now you should have access to the Kid’s Community Blog! Please help your child bookmark this page and be sure to save their login information. 

5. In the upper left white box space you should see a bell icon that says “Notification Settings” when you hover over it. Click this icon and be sure that your child’s account is set to “Posts and Comments.” This will ensure they don’t miss new posts from their classmates or comments on their writing if they check their email. They will receive notifications each time a new post goes up. 

6. Have your child go ahead and upload a profile pic!

7. Encourage your children to write here regularly, check-in for new posts from their friends, and to read each other’s works and offer feedback. Rules for this online space have been created and pinned to the top of the blog. Have them start there before they begin posting!

8. Then write that first post!

Kid Blog Interface

9. In an effort to avoid possible fake accounts, please contact me once your child is signed up and send me their name, user name, and age. I will use this to verify the account as valid!

Contact me if you have any questions or run into issues setting up the account! Thanks!

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