A Response from Tui T. Sutherland

Letter from Tui T. SutherlandPracticing the art of letter writing is an amazing way to tap into a child's writing voice, and this is especially true when the recipient of their letter is someone "famous!" Back in November, Writer's Club students got together to share their most beloved authors and books with each other, then delved into letter writing by writing to their favorite authors! Fans always have PLENTY to say to the people they idolize. Letters went out that day to Jeff Kinney, Joey Graceffa and others. The wait has been long while we patiently hoped for responses, and the first one has finally arrived from Tui T. Sutherland, the author of The Wings of Fire series.

Bringing This Idea Home: Encourage your children to write fan mail to any of their favorite authors and celebrities! Many celebrities have websites that include addresses for fan mail. Another fun possibility of encouraging letter writing is to start a pen pal project.

Fingers crossed more author responses will come in!

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