Creating Your Own Film Score

Our first meet of February had students imagining if their life were made into a film! We explored some standout movie/music moments, and then students took a story from their lives, wrote about it and supplied it with music. Their very own film score!

Student Highlight: This short story was shared with us by a student (8 years old)! She chose The Fray, You Found Me to accompany it.

A Kitten Missing is Scary

When my friends were over (Nick and Joey), we were hanging out and I went to go get screamer (our kitten) and when I looked in all the hiding spots he usually hides in he is not there. I started to freak out and asked my mom and dad if they knew where he was but they didn't know. I looked all around the house but he wasn’t there. I started to cry my parents and brother said we will find him but I didn't believe them. After Joey and Nick left I took a shower and then my mom and brother found him they told me they found him in the couch. I was surprised after I got out I asked which couch and they said it was the love seat. After we got him out we loved on him and we kissed him. We missed him so much.

Movie/Music Moments We Enjoyed:

Bringing It Home: This creative writing exercise is a wonderful addition to your homeschool writing projects, which can be done again and again. Let the story inspire the music or the music inspire the story!

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