The Guard Dog, by Emily & Haden

This is a collaborative writing piece done in partnership by two students (ages 11 & 12). Collaboration can be an excellent way to explore fresh ideas and try new things in our writing. Two imaginations really are better than one!

Once upon a time there was a cop. Her name was Luxa. She had dog, and her name was Sunbeam. The cop trained her 1 hour every day, to make her a guard dog. She was a German shepherd with dark fur, beautiful brown eyes, and brown patches of fur. The dog was most loyal, she did whatever Luxa wanted her to do. One day Luxa went to work at the sheriff academy, and Sunbeam wanted to come really bad. Luxa was not allowed to bring her dog with her, so she left Sun-beam inside. About an hour later her car pulls into the driveway. Her very very mean neighbor came over to her and started acting a little bit physical. Sunbeam did not like this, so she found an open window, and with all her might she ripped the screen open with her teeth and bolted at the man. "You better stop, my dogs coming," says Luxa. "What dog?" says the man. "Look behind me." The man let her go and looked behind her, and there Sunbeam was sitting loyally on the porch, " What's this dumb dog going do?" says the man. "SUNBEAM, ATTACK!!" The dog bolts at the man, knocking him on the ground, she rips his shirt all over, the man got up and ran back to his house. "Good job, Sunbeam." 

They go back into there house and live happily ever after or some other kind of cliche stuff.

The End.

From the perspective of Sunbeam...

Sunbeam sat on the couch, the fire crackling and snapping in front of her. Sal, their cat let our a mrrow behind her. A car pulled up to the driveway. Sunbeam lept from the couch and looked out the front door window. There she was! It was Luxa! Come home at last! She started wagging her tail. Then, she heard footsteps. The neighbor came over, scowling. She suddenly became worried. What if Luxa was hurt? What if that mean neighbor wanted to hurt her? She saw Luxa open the car door. This was her only chance. She searched around the house. In the core kitchen there was a window, left open. She bared her teeth at it, and with a ferocious bark, ripped it open. She jumped through, her back legs getting stuck for a moment. She wrenched them free, and ran to the porch. “You’d better watch out! My dog is coming.” She head Luxa say. “What dog?” The mean neighbor said, scoffing at her. “Look behind me!” Luxa said, grinning. She stepped to the side. Sunbeam wagged her tail. I can do it! On your order Luxa! She thought. “What’s this dumb dog going to do?” Luxa grinned again. “Sunbeam, ATTACK!!” She lept from the porch, leaping onto the man. She ripped open his shirt, growling until the man got up and through her off. He ran away, AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFtERRRR!

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