This is a collaborative writing piece done in partnership by two students. Collaboration can be an excellent way to explore fresh ideas and try new things in our writing. Two imaginations really are better than one!

The Mutants, by Addison and Yaakov

Character Profiles

Mystic (Faith to everyday humans) wears colorful shoes, likes baby blue, she’s creative and she’s a nerd. What’s her power? She has a necklace, and when she touches it, it turns light light blue and she turns into a purple and blue bird, and she’s STRONG. Her hair is light purple and her hair changes color from her mood and she has tan skin and she has one blue eye and she covers her other one up witch is red. She is 15.

Changer (Kai to everyday humans) is Mystic’s friend and fellow fighter. His power is reality. He can change things and create different things out of what is already there. He has black hair, light skin, red eyes and they glow when he uses his powers. He is 16.

Sam is one of the nemesis’  of Mystic and Changer. Light skin, blond hair, muscular, and he has claws like Black Panther.

Our main villain is Echo and she has black hair. She always wears a hood to school and no one ever sees her face. She has a black and red tiger that she rides and the power of  mind control, meaning she can read people’s mind, talk into their minds, and control their minds.

New villain named Cursed. He has the power to turn things to dust. He’s completely black with a shaved head. He has no nose, eyes or mouth, but has the ability to speak out loud via his brain.

The story begins...

Faith was walking to Class B and she saw a vending machine, and really wanted something, but didn’t have any cash on her to get anything. A bully comes by named Sam, and says, “ GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY! OR I’LL PUNCH YOU.”  with his claws out. Faith turns around and sees Sam. She was not scared because she had her necklace on her. The necklace that turns baby blue when she touches it and turns her into a purple and blue bird.

Kai shows up, and uses his reality powers to create a vision of Lila, Sam’s crush. Sam, so smittened by her beauty tries to kiss her, but then falls on his face because she’s not actually there. He hits so hard that he starts to cry. There were a ton of people around and they started laughing at him. Kai and Faith ran off to their class.

Echo and Cursed walk up to Faith and Kai after class and say, “Meet us in the alleyway, dorks.”

After School…

Kai and Faith headed to the alleyway, but the second they do, their legs sink into the ground because The Cursed turned the ground to dust. Luckily, Faith was able to reach her necklace, and turn into a bird. Then Kai jumped on her back and flew up into the air. Then Echo and Cursed came out and they shook their heads, and Echo’s tiger came out and tried to attack Kai and Faith but Faith flew up higher. Echo uses some of her power to mind control Kai and forces Kai to use his power against Faith and it freezes her midair. Kai creates a portal that goes from the air to the grass and pulls them down.

To be continued...

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